Collection: Spiritual Treasures


Whether it's for you or your loved ones, Otherworldly Counselling and Past Life Regression have a variety of handmade thoughtful, soulful & holistic treasures to help you on your spiritual, mental health, and life journey

Soulful Charm Bundles

🌿 Created for well-being healing and spiritual growth
🌿 Infused with Reiki energy by Reiki Master Kelli from MoonstoneGyspyau

🌿 Inspired by nature & charged with crystal energy and sustainably sourced herbs and dried flowers

🖤 Due to being environmentally conscious, I do not include a printout of information with the charm bundles. This is why I created 2 detailed photos with information on every listing for you to save, send, or print.

🖤 If you would like a custom Soulful Charm Bundle created for a special purpose or intention e.g. grief and loss, protection talisman, physical ailments, etc., please ask as I make a lot of custom bundles 

Entrancing Aroma Candles

🌿240g hand-poured candle with lead-free wick
🌿Natural candle scents: Orchid Noir ~ Water Lily ~ Bamboo Teak

Sacred Water Blessings Elixir

🌿Organic Cleansing Water to heal, cleanse, and uplift your mind, body, and spirit, and for attracting positive energy, luck & harmony to your surrounds
🌿110ml bottle