Tarot Reading Overview

You may be curious about yourself, the complexity of current life situations, what your future journey looks like, or perhaps you are seeking guidance and insight from your Spirit Guides and universal archetypes in a tarot reading...

I understand there are many frauds in the psychic and tarot reading profession, so allow me to share my extensive experience in the tarot reading field to help put your mind at ease!

My professional name is "Tarot Taylar" and I have held an international certification in tarot reading since 2018. To date, I have provided tarot readings for over 1200+ clients across the globe.

Tarot reading is a passion of mine and has helped me develop my psychic abilities over the years in such a way that allows me to provide in-depth and accurate readings that combine the messages received from spirit and the archetypes of tarot.

My intuitive abilities flow through my fingers as I type or write. I channel your energy, Spirit Guides, and my Spirit Guides during the reading session which generally takes 1.5-2 hours depending on the amount of information being relayed by your Guides!

Based on the extensive feedback and reviews from my lovely clients, written readings are more potent and powerful than verbal readings as you can always refer back to your reading over the months as a way to help you keep on track and implement the advice provided by your Spirit Guides.