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I'm looking forward to working with you,

My name is Taylar Paige but you may recognize me as Tarot Taylar or from MoonstoneGypsyAU.com

I’m a poet finding_nirvana_poetry, spiritualist, and author.

My passion is in utilizing a transpersonal, holistic, and evidence-based approach when working with mental health and our soul journey.

My belief is the mind is not separate from our environment, emotions, physical and spiritual bodies.

I consider all aspects of your well-being when healing symptoms from your past and current lifetime, and use an integrative approach of guided hypnosis, tarot readings, past life regression, life coaching, and psychotherapy depending on your needs.

About me

The philosophy of Otherworldly Counselling and Past Life Regression

The therapeutic field is heavily influenced by Western philosophy and scientific theories of the mind; however I have found deep healing, personal growth, and finding purpose and meaning in one’s life stems from Eastern practices that date back to the beginning of early civilization.

This is why I blend both approaches in my practice! So whether you are receiving psychotherapeutic counselling, life coaching, hypnotherapy, tarot readings, or past life and soul regression therapy, the experience will provide you with soulful healing, alleviation of mental health symptoms, a deeper awareness of your authentic self, how you perceive the world, recurring life patterns, and what your purpose is.

Otherworldly Counselling and Past Life Regression has been created with the intention to provide flexible and affordable session online and in-person.

Past Life Regression

An awakening experience that will open your eyes to your past lives and soul's journey.

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Psychotherapy Counselling

A happier, healthier, and healed "you" begins developing after our first session together.

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Guided Hypnotherapy & Spiritual Journeying

Develop your connection to your psyche and Spirit Guides, and ease various well-being symptoms.

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Intuitive Tarot Readings

In-depth and insightful readings that offer guidance, revelations, and clarity for your life journey.

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Products & Treasures

Treat yourself or your loved ones to soulfully curated handmade spiritual treasures and gifts.

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