Collection: Psychotherapy Counselling

"You are not your problem, the problem is the problem. Your identity is not defined by your mental health symptoms or the opinions of others."

Welcome to a safe, non-judgemental, and emotionally supportive therapeutic space.

I am professionally trained in integrative psychotherapy and counselling and draw from a range of therapeutic modalities to tailor to my clients' personal and therapeutic needs. I take great pride in helping others on their journey of healing, self-acceptance, personal growth, and implementing positive changes to improve and enrich their life.  

The areas of mental health I specialise in include:

~ Anxiety & Depression

~ Grief and Loss 

~ Inner Child Healing

~ Shadow Work 

~ Spiritual growth and guidance 

~ Self-confidence and self-esteem 

~ Emotional regulation & well-being support

~ Life transition & changes

~ Emotional support during times of loneliness, isolation, illness, and periods of unhappiness and disconnection to your life path and soulful energy

Additional information:

  • I welcome clients who belong to the LGBTQIA+ community
  • I welcome clients of all ages (youth to elderly)
  • I use hypnotherapy for clients interested in this service
  • Counselling sessions are 50 minutes in length
  • I use the platform ZOOM to conduct online sessions and I will email you a private link 

- You can find further information regarding what psychotherapy is and how I work by referring to the "service information and overview" menu