Past Life Regression Overview

As you may already know, we live countless lifetimes to learn universal teachings, restore karma to our soul and the lives of others, heal, grow, teach, learn, love, grieve, overcome obstacles, and experience great triumphs. Our soul is our true spiritual essence and the physical body merely houses our soul as we reincarnate and evolve.


You may be asking yourself, why I am drawn to receiving a past life regression session? 

The answer is quite simple...your higher self (intuition, instincts, and spirit guides) is leading you to a soulful experience that has the potential to offer profound healing, spiritual awakening, personal growth, and open your eyes to your true potential. 

We are living in a constant state of busyness full of external distractions such as social media, societal expectations, materialism, etc., and over the recent years, we have continually gravitated away from mother nature and our spiritual nature.

We focus less on our inner world because the external world is considered more "important." As a result, we struggle to recognize, understand, and implement the signs and guidance offered from our higher self in the dream world, through intuitive thoughts, and from our spirit guides. 

Consequently, as we continue to disconnect from our spiritual energy and soulful being, we begin to question our purpose, the meaning of our life, and struggle to find emotional fulfillment. When we feel like something is "missing or lacking" within our life or self, we often try to fill the void with materialism, unhealthy habits, and unhelpful behaviors and thought patterns that hold us back from ultimately finding happiness, tapping into our true potential, and creating a life that we are proud of.

Past Life Regression is an opportunity to slow down, be present in the moment, and glimpse back in time to explore who you were in your past lives, the lessons you have learned in your soulful journey so far, recurring life themes and patterns, and how your past lives can help you heal, grow, and move forward in your current life journey.

Past life regression acts as a doorway to our subconscious and unconscious mind. By using guided hypnotic ques and asking open-ended question, you naturally begin accessing unconscious memories of your childhood, in your mother's womb, your past lives, and connecting with your spirit guides (The Hypnotherapy Learning Hub & Real Hypnosis Training PTY LTD.).

During a past life regression session, not only will you recall details from your past lives (which is a beautiful and powerful experience in itself) but in addition, you will discover how meaningful and special you truly will realize that the soulful bond and love between people never truly dies, you will understand that you are so much more then your physical body and appearance, and you will notice a shift in your perspective on life, death, and spirituality.   

Additional information:

- Following your 1:1 Past Life Regression session, I will type up the clinical notes I made during your regression. This information will be emailed to you as a PDF file within 3 business days after your session.

- At this stage, I will not provide the Zoom recording from your session as this contains private hypnotic scripture and my past life regression process. Due to potential the risk of your session recording being shared with others or posted online for other PLR clinicians to see, from a business position I am unable to share this footage with you. However, this is why I take detailed notes during your session to ensure you receive the details, revelations, and insights that arose during your regression.

At a later date, I may watch through your session footage and if there is a key moment I identify and feel is relevant for you to see and keep, I will of course email this to you!