Guided Hypnotherapy - Information Overview

Our mind is a complex phenomena that has been debated and discussed by philosophers, scientists, spiritualists, and cultures across the globe. Through working with clients using hypnosis and past life regression, it is evident how profound our psyche, personal potential, and abilities are to heal, awaken, and connect with deeper parts of our well-being and the spirit world.


How can guided hypnosis assist you on your life and soulful journey? 

Depending on the guided hypnotherapy option you choose, undoubtedly you are tending to a deeper part of yourself, often a part that needs to be acknowledged, healed, transformed or understood more clearly. 

Hypnosis will not change your life...the change arises when you gift yourself the opportunity to be completely present in the moment and allow yourself to completely drift into a deeply relaxed, grounded, and transpersonal space.

When this shift in your body, mind and spirit takes place, you are allowing yourself to drop any internal blocks, stagnancy, and distractions that limit your personal potential, happiness, authenticity, and ability to heal, grow, and ascend.

Just like with past life regression or meditative visions, you already hold the ability to connect with your spiritual energy, psychic gifts and spiritual guardians, but the stressors of daily life and "western way of living" consequently blocks many people from channeling their gifts and authentic self.

In addition, our busy life (feeling we need to uphold societal expectations, pressure from relationships, career, study, family, finances, health ailments, the rising cost of living, political and cultural injustices etc.,) ultimately distracts us, negatively impacts our well-being, and makes it difficult to reach a deep level of relaxation, clear our mind, and let go of stress and worry. 

This is why guided hypnotherapy is a key asset to enhance mindfulness and spiritual connection, and decrease and release burdens, heaviness, anxiety, and blocked energy from your well-being on all levels.