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Otherworldly Counselling and Past Life Regression

Online Psychotherapy & Counselling Sessions - 4 Sessions

Online Psychotherapy & Counselling Sessions - 4 Sessions

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Online Psychotherapy & Counselling bundle - 4 sessions

"Psychotherapy combines Western & Eastern philosophy and practices to address concerns relating to the mind, body, spirit and emotional health."

By selecting this psychotherapy counselling bundle you are saving $20.

Booking information:

Step 1. You must complete the Counselling Client Form within 24hrs of purchasing your 1:1 session to secure your booking.

- Please refer to the "client consent forms" menu, select Counselling Client Form and complete the required information, and submit your form.

Step 2. Upon receiving your completed client consent form, I will promptly contact you to organize and schedule your session using your nominated days and times. 

Step 3. When you attend your online session, we can discuss scheduling your future sessions. You have the option to schedule your future appointments in advance or you can contact me via email when you wish to use your remaining sessions.  

Please note: You have exactly 12 months from the day you purchase your psychotherapy counselling bundle to use your sessions. No refund or alternative options/services will be provided if you fail to use your sessions within the designated time frame.    

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