Collection: Past Life Regression

"Past Life Regression is the doorway to our soul, where memories of our previous lifetimes are stored, and the key to healing our psyche."

In your past life regression session we will explore a range of themes including but not limited to:

  • Who you were in a particular past life
  • Details of when, how, who, why, and what 
  • The purpose of your past life
  • The lessons you learned
  • If the people you know in this life e.g., mother, brother, best friend, boss, etc., have shared other lifetimes with you
  • Whether there is a connection between your past life and present life e.g., exploring whether any lessons are being repeated or karmic dues, fears, weaknesses, or health concerns that stem from your past life, current life themes, obstacles, skills, or interests that connect to past lives, etc., 
  • The list of questions you provide on your client form

- You can find additional information regarding PLR sessions by referring to the "service information and overview" menu

- I use the platform ZOOM to conduct online sessions and I will email you a private link

- Do not hesitate to contact me regarding your potential interest in arranging a “group or 1:1 in-person” PLR session as I’m always happy to help.

P.s. there is no expectation or obligation for you to book a session after asking for a quote, so don’t be afraid to ask ☺️

Please refer to each service option for detailed information on the booking process and your requirements as a client. I look forward to working with you soon!