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Otherworldly Counselling and Past Life Regression

Online - Group Past Life Regression Session

Online - Group Past Life Regression Session

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Each group member must purchase a booking slot


Past Life Regression group online session 

"There’s nothing more beautiful than the collective experience and atmosphere of a group past life regression session…"


Booking information:

~ A minimum of 2-3 people is required to commence ahead with a group booking

~ Each group member must purchase a booking slot (the option will say Client 1. Client  2. etc.)

~ Each group member must complete their client consent form within 24hrs of booking

- - - - 

Step 1. It is your responsibility as a group to nominate which “days and times” you can all commit to for the online PLR session so everyone’s “Group client consent form” has the same days + time details when you submit your individual consent forms.

(Please have a discussion prior to booking the Group PLR session to ensure everyone is on the same page with their time availability) :)

Step 2. You must all complete the Group Past Life Regression Client Form within 24hrs of purchasing your spot in the group session to secure your booking.

- Please refer to the "client consent forms" menu, select Group Past Life Regression Client Form and complete the required information, and submit your form.

Step 3. Upon receiving your completed client consent form, I will promptly contact you to organize and schedule your session using your nominated days and times.

Step 4. Once your session is confirmed, you will receive a booking confirmation email with your zoom session link and a PDF file with details relating to your Past Life Regression session. Please ensure you read through this at least 48 hours before your session.

                                  - - - -

 Session outline

- A 1.5 hour block of clinic time will be allocated to the Group PLR session 

- The session will begin with me answering any outstanding queries group members may have, prior to starting your hypnotic induction and past life regression.

- I will explain the process and intention of hypnosis and past life regression and how the group session will work.

Session structure

- Ensuring everyone is on mute, the session will then commence with me guiding the group into a relaxed hypnotic state.

- I will guide group members to use their imagination and felt senses to induce an even deeper relaxed hypnotic state. 

- You will then be guided to around the world until your intuition (higher self) guides you to the country where you experienced a past life.

- You will be guided to regress further back until you find yourself in your past life. Depending on your reasons for PLR the past life you regress back to may be relevant to a question you asked your higher self, a fear or phobia you have in your current life, the intention you set for the session, etc., 

- You will explore your past life (there will be times when certain people may experience more than one past life during the session) and you will understand more clearly who you were.

- Upon reaching your death in your past life, you will be guided to a soulful state when you leave your physical past life body, and life behind. During this stage of the regression, I will briefly talk with your higher (soulful) self and ask you some final questions for you to silently reflect on and answer.

- I will then guide you back to your current life and begin the wake-up hypnotic process until you awaken and return to the room you're in. 

- You will be invited to journal anything you need to, you are welcome to have a few minutes to yourself as you process everything. I will then unmute the group on Zoom and we can talk about your PLR experience as a group if you wish to but there is no obligation to do so as I respect everyone’s privacy. 

A group Past Life Regression session is a wonderful introduction to hypnosis and PLR! It’s a fantastic way to delve briefly into your psyche and the past life memories that reside within it. I find 90% of people who have a group PLR will then book a 1:1 session….

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