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Otherworldly Counselling and Past Life Regression

Invoking Harmony & Happiness ~ Charm Bundle

Invoking Harmony & Happiness ~ Charm Bundle

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Invoking Harmony & Happiness

Are you seeking more harmony, inner-happiness, and contentment?

Invoking Harmony & Happiness is a wonderful mood-uplifting metaphysical energy to work with! This lovely bundle has been created to shift any stagnancy within yourself or your surroundings so free-flowing harmonious energy may fill your space.

Due to the stressors, busyness, and distractions life brings us, it's easy to become overwhelmed emotionally, mentally, and physically with unhappiness and disharmony. This beautiful charm bundle will help you focus on the small things that bring you happiness and joy, and will naturally will ground your spirit and mind...

This beautiful handmade bundle includes:

Crystals: Sunstone ~ Dalmatian Jasper ~ Green Aventurine

Herb: Meadowsweet

If you would like a little handwritten note with your charm bundle, then please leave a note with your order when you check out and I will happily include this for you or whoever you're gifting the bundle to

*For a detailed overview of each crystal & herb and how you to use your bundle, scroll through the product images I’ve created for you to save!

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