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Otherworldly Counselling and Past Life Regression

Manifesting Dreams & Desires ~ Charm Bundle

Manifesting Dreams & Desires ~ Charm Bundle

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Manifesting Dreams & Desires

Do you have any dreams or desires you wish to manifest into the universe?

Manifesting Dreams & Desires is a magickal and powerful bundle to amplify your manifestations. It's not selfish to wish for abundance, good health and healing, financial security, true love, a new career, etc., so don't ever feel bad for asking your Spirit Guides, the universe, and your crystals for help!

So long as your intention is pure and without greed or malice, you will find working with these beautiful metaphysical energies will positively enhance your manifestations but also....perhaps most importantly, it will increase your self-confidence, motivation, and inspiration to never give up on pursuing your goals and dreams, as the universe works to support your endeavors...

This beautiful handmade bundle includes:

Crystals: Tigers Eye ~ Angelite ~ Citrine

Herb: Rose Petals

If you would like a little handwritten note with your charm bundle, then please leave a note with your order when you check out and I will happily include this for you or whoever you're gifting the bundle to

*For a detailed overview of each crystal & herb and how you to use your bundle, scroll through the product images I’ve created for you to save!

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