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Otherworldly Counselling and Past Life Regression

Awakening Psychic Abilities ~ Charm Bundle

Awakening Psychic Abilities ~ Charm Bundle

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Awakening Psychic Abilities

Are you wanting to connect more deeply with your spiritual abilties and the higher cosmic realms?

Awakening Psychic Abilities is wonderful in supporting you on your spiritual and life journey. When you begin to awaken and connect with your natural intuitive and psychic abilities, you can expect an increase in signs and synchronicity appearing around you.

Whether you're just embarking on your spiritual journey or have a strong connection to your higher self and spirit guides, the transcending energy in this bundle will aid in meditation, chakra work, divination practices, and connect with your higher self and spiritual energy....

This beautiful handmade bundle includes:

Crystals: Sodalite~ Rainbow Moonstone ~ Clear Quartz

Herb: Blue Pea Flower

If you would like a little handwritten note with your charm bundle, then please leave a note with your order when you check out and I will happily include this for you or whoever you're gifting the bundle to

*For a detailed overview of each crystal & herb and how you to use your bundle, scroll through the product images I’ve created for you to save!

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