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Otherworldly Counselling and Past Life Regression

Ethereal Enchantment ~ 14kt gold filled necklace ~ Moonchild

Ethereal Enchantment ~ 14kt gold filled necklace ~ Moonchild

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Are you a moonchild? The moon and lunar energy are so deeply intertwined with our feminine flow, emotions, spirituality and soulful journey. Make a wish upon a star....

Chain length: 40cm with adjustable links

Since early civilisation people across the world have used jewellery as a form of self-expression, creativity, spiritual, religious cultural & protective talismans, sentimental purposes, and as form of beautification.

To adorn yourself in precious, sacred and beautiful jewellery is a form of self love and expression of your soul’s individuality.

The Ethereal Enchantments Collection has been created for the free spirits, star-seeds,  wanderers and dreamers who are looking for a special piece to gift to themselves or others as they journey through life.

These necklaces may be used as manifestation, promise, protective or spiritual talisman…or you may simply wish to treat yourself! 

🖤 Ethereal ~ To channel “ethereal” energy is to immerse yourself in a world of soulful, spiritual and intuitive experiences.

🖤 Enchantments ~ To “enchant” is to charm, attract, mesmerise , conjure or awaken one’s desires and intentions.

Gold filled jewellery has a layer of gold pressure-bonded to quality jewellers brass and contains 5% gold by weight.

The Ethereal Enchantments Collection is 14K gold filled jewellery & is lead and nickel free (the most common components that cause allergic reactions to jewellery). So sensitive skin can enjoy wearing this beautiful jewellery!

Please avoid wearing your Ethereal Enchantments 14K gold filled jewellery if you plan on using sunscreen or perfume on your neck/chest & in hot tubs and pools due to the chemical compounds that can lead to jewellery tarnishing.   

If you’re someone who loves the beach or exercises please note that sea water and sweat contains all kinds of chemicals and salt, so it’s best to remove your necklace before hitting the gym or being a mermaid!

How to clean: Use a soft jewellery cloth. No harsh cleaning products or solutions are needed!

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