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Otherworldly Counselling and Past Life Regression

Sacred Water Blessings Elixir ~ Palo Santo

Sacred Water Blessings Elixir ~ Palo Santo

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The element of Water is a beautiful and tranquil element that guides us to connect with the natural flow of our heartbeat and the rhythmic pattern of our breath...

Sacred Water Blessings Elixir is a wonderful and easy way to utilize the natural healing remedial benefits of the element of Water and the organic subtle aroma of Lavender and White Sage oil in your daily life.

Palo Santo water elixir is created using the grounding, protective 
and gentle aroma of Palo Santo. Cleansing our surroundings is important for magical, well-being and spiritual practices. It helps us to clear unwanted, stagnant, and negative energy whilst delivering a beautiful aroma to clear our mind of thoughts and alleviate stress in our body.

Water Elixirs cleanse people, crystals, objects and places, in addition to being used as a water blessing offering for the Spirit World, our ancestors, land guardians, and passed loved ones.

Cleansing water is a vital element acknowledged and regularly used in spiritual traditions around the world since ancient times. 

Palo Santo: 

  • Deflects and repels negative and unwanted spiritual presences and energies
  • Naturally induces calming vibes and energy for your overall-wellbeing
  • Attracts luck and good health and healing 

Created using high-quality fragrance oils and essential oils that are vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. 

Size: 110ml bottle

Tip/how to use:

~ Add a few drops of your elixir to a bucket of mop water as this is a simple yet potent way of transforming the energy of your space as you clean

~ Add a few drops of your elixir to your bath, when you wash your hands, or add into a spray/mister bottle to cleanse your surrounds as you pass by each room

~ Add a few drops of your elixir to a small dish or glass (I use a ceramic dish or shell) and place little flowers, herbs, and crystals in (or around the dish of elixir) as an offering to your Spirit Guides for all their help, love, and support, Or you may use your elixir in a full moon, manifesting, or healing practice...there is no right or wrong.

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