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Otherworldly Counselling and Past Life Regression

Sacred Life Path Tarot Reading

Sacred Life Path Tarot Reading

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Sacred Life Path Reading

We all have a sacred life path and we spend our lifetime discovering what that means to us. This beautiful reading has been created to invoke a deeper understanding of your soul's journey and how to utilize your personal potential and energy.

In your tarot reading we will explore the following points:

  • An energy/archetype I should call upon to awaken and guide me on my journey
  • A symbolic representation of my sacred life path and personal potential
  • The steps I need to take to connect with my sacred life path
  • The resistance I will feel/the challenges I will face on my future path
  • How can I stay in alignment with my soul’s purpose and future aspirations
  • What new perspectives or changes should I open my heart to
  • Your 1-2 questions for your Spirit Guides


Step 1. You must complete the Tarot Reading Client Form within 24 hours of purchasing your reading to secure your booking.

- Please refer to the "client consent forms" menu, select the Tarot Reading Client Form and complete the required information, and submit your form.

Step 2. Upon receiving your completed client consent form, I will promptly contact you to confirm I have received your information and questions for your spirit guides.

Step 3. Excitedly await your tarot reading which will arrive in your inbox within 3-weeks!

You will see two options available for purchase: 

🩵 Option 1 ~ Typed Tarot Reading

🩵 Option 2 ~ Typed Tarot Reading + custom-created charm bundle with 3 crystals + dried flowers/herbs that will best support you on your sacred life path and soul's journey based on the messages & insight provided by your Spirit Guides during your reading. I will post your charm bundle within 24 hours of completing your reading and emailing it to you!


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